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Fair Wage

In our industry, fair wage is a term used to describe policies which 
ensure that all unionized and non-unionized workers receive fair wages for the same work completed.

Our workers and affiliates have all been educated and trained in their respective fields, ensuring that our jobs are completed sooner,
and most importantly, safer.

We are ready and available to provide your organization with quality unionized labour, helping to build a strong foundation for your community.

When workers are paid fair wages, those funds go back into providing a more prosperous place to live, while creating a stable work environment.

A Safe Workplace is no accident
Project Labour Agreements

We ensure organized work sites, which have fewer accidents and the lowest lost time incident rates, when compared to non-unionized sites.

All of our workers are highly trained and arrive prepared with strong safety skills.


We pride ourselves on ensuring a safe environment for all workers, and the reduction in lost time leads to projects completed on time.


Thanks to the efforts of our award-winning Joint Labour/Management Safety Committees, we continue to improve on member safety awareness, standards, and exemplary performance.

We utilize Project Labour Agreements on all of our large scale construction projects, which guarantee no strikes and no lock-outs during the course of the project.

No Delays.  No Problems.


We contribute to the continuous improvement of the construction industry,
by bringing the highest quality workers to each project.

We take pride in completing our projects properly, on time, within budget,
and without injuries, leading to more instances of cost savings than budget overruns.​

Pre-Job Conference

By providing our clients with Pre-Job Conferences, we allow all parties to review the project at the same time, with the same information.

Contractors are given the opportunity to present an overview of the entire project, including special conditions, management, and supervision.

Our Pre-Job Conferences open the early lines of communication, establishing positive relationships from the outset of the project.

We schedule our Pre-Job Conferences as soon as reasonably possible after contract award and prior to starting work.


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